Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to my Room!!!

Notice how I say my room?? It's all mine!!!

This is my scraproom! I call it the organized chaos room! I know exactly where everything is... I just may have to search for it...

The view from the doorway!
I hope to repaint the room someday... someday...

My husband built the counter top for me, and I love it! It was coincidence that it matched the walls. Trust me, blue is not my favorite color. It is soothing though...

That is a scraprack! It has 1/2 of my embellishments in it.
I do like it, but it is very heavy!
 This is also where I keep my pictures (somewhat organized), and some of my other great necessities!

The furniture piece is antique. It belonged to my husband's grandmother and now I use it in my room.
A great piece of history still getting some great use!
My cartridges, ribbon organizer, 12x12 cutter, basket full of my scraps (recycle ladies!).

In the drawers I have all of my stamps, paper punches, and some other lose ends that needed a place. My cutter, I love. It has a grid on it all the way up to 12x12 and the best feature- a laser! I can see exactly where I am making my cut! The brand is x-acto. I'm tellin' ya, it is amazing. The pile beside it is my current project pile.

I love that Scraptastic is open on my computer in this picture! HA!
So, this is my work space- usually not this clean. That basket has a bunch of different kinds of adhesives. Above, are my inks, embossing powders, maybe some other cool things... I really love Distress Ink, that's what the stack of black boxes are.

That is my paper collection. The binders house all of my specialty paper. When I buy specialty paper, I buy two sheets of it. This way, if I want to do a double layout I can, or if I don't like what I've made, well, I can start over. Such good logic! Inside the colorful drawers are all kinds of goodies; from ribbon to chipboard- there's a lot going on in there. Beside that, is my Clip-it-Up which is full of embellishments that wouldn't fit in the scraprack.
It's a lot, yes I know...

And the best for last...

My Cricut!!!! Oh, how I love thee...

This is my cricut table. My cricut is covered by the cutest cover ever. I got it from Kathy's Cozies. You can find her on facebook or Etsy. Also, my gypsy, which I'm still trying to figure out, is beside it. The binder holds print outs of some of the cartridge handbooks. Why? Because my friend, Aimee, who doesn't want a Gypsy, lets me upload her cartridges on mine!!! Can you believe that!?! So, I print out the handbooks of the carts she gives me. Thanks Aimee!!!

So, here's a question I just recently started asking myself...where am I going to put my new Cricut Create??? Hmm...

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my scraptastic room! There's always something going on in this crazy room, and I love it!!!

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  1. You're welcome Ashley--for the gypsy uploads :) I'm totally jealous of your room and feel free to bring me anything that can no longer fit in there, lol. Love your blog so far, you go girl! And I love being your first comment! xoxoxox