Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a Birthday Celebration!!!

I can't believe my niece turned 1 the week, time flies when your having fun!! Being an Aunt is awesome, and having such a sweet mush makes it that much better. Yay! A pink car from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jason.

Because I love her so much, I had to make my Princess a castle from the Once Upon A Princess cartridge, and of course it had to be all pink, her favorite color!

Step 1: Here are all of the pieces cut out! The paper is from Bazzill, the shiny paper that I just love, of course! I cut all of the images out at 8 1/2 inches using my expression. I had to use the big 12x24 cutting mat to get some of the images. I think I will end up making another castle, doing a video, to show all of tips and tricks that I learned while making it (stay tuned).


Next, you have to score and make the two inner towers; the dark pink piece is, what I call, the "floor".

You also have to score and make the tops of all of the towers. This took a little time...

Here is my cheat for scoring... I do not have a scoring mat. In the beginning I was using a metal ruler and my bone folder, but it was putting dents in my bone folder. So, I decided to use the metal ruler and the tip of metal scissors, you know the kind you use to cut fabric. With the scissors closed, line up the ruler where you want to score, and run the tip of the scissors along the ruler. It worked out perfectly!

I just followed along with the instructions in the cartridge handbook. The pictures are very easy to understand. This is step 5 and 6 in the hand book; adding the "fort" and the "floor".

The next steps are to connect the 4 corner towers and then glue the tops to all of the towers. I found that putting glue on the insides of the tower tops was easier and they actually stuck better. Another note, pull up on the tabs that are at the top of the towers. This gives the tops something to stick too!

Looking down on the finished castle.
A little bling to dress up a bit!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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